Unrest in the DRC threatens the Virungas

The Academy Award nominated documentary Virunga is a must see for anyone who cares about Africa and conservation in 2018 - watch it on Netflix.   by Rick LoBello, One Earth One Time Ever since I completed my guide book to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda I have tried to keep up with all the … Continue reading Unrest in the DRC threatens the Virungas

Protect our mountains

Take Action to Protect Our Mountains!   Contact all El Paso City Elected Officials. Ask them to NOT sell YOUR land on our mountains for development. A public hearing on this topic will be held on Tue 29 May. PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND. Details to follow. More Mountain Land to be Lost to Development Scott Cutler, President … Continue reading Protect our mountains

Conservation in the Big Bend Border Region

by James Cash The Big Bend region of the Chihuahuan Desert is home to more than 3 million acres of protected lands that span the U.S. / Mexico border. Conservationists on both sides of the border work together to conserve and protect the region’s wildlife and wildlands through wildlife reintroductions, invasive species control, fire management, … Continue reading Conservation in the Big Bend Border Region

A National Palm Oil Scheme

A National Palm Oil Scheme Towards Landscape Conservationby Robert Hii Palm oil, the cursed fruit or blessed fruit depending on who you ask, epitomizes the global struggle to find a balance between development and conservation. Widely grown in the tropical countries of Malaysia and Indonesia, the crop has become synonymous with the disappearance of wildlife … Continue reading A National Palm Oil Scheme