Help stop the senseless slaughter of elephants

At the Wildlife Conservation Society, we don’t think the herd mentality is such a bad thing. Elephant herds are compassionate, giving, and capable of great feats-and when we work together, we too can do so much. 96 Elephants partners are uniting to help spread the word so that people everywhere stop buying ivory and end the senseless slaughter

The campaign has engaged more than 160 coalition partners, including 120 AZA member institutions, which has resulted in 442,388 individuals having taken action. They have sent a combined 682,000 emails to state legislators, Governors, Members of Congress, Interior Secretary Jewell and President Obama. Our coalition didn’t just send e-mails. There were 76,851 social media actions taken in 2014 and nearly 104,000 drawings and letters collected among partners and sent to legislators on World Elephant Day alone.        Join the herd today.

Join us at One Earth, One Time – click here.

Bull African elephant.     © Rick LoBello

Band of mainly doe pronghorn migrating south for the winter. Pronghorn antelope in western Wyoming. Grand Teton National Park pronghorn migration, this herd of 300 pronghorn form the longest land mammal migration in the USA.Wildlife corridors are an example of how connecting people to achieve conservation together can connect nature.

Help protect large landscapes

The Practitioners’ Network for Large Landscape Conservation is an alliance of professionals and citizens engaged in leading, managing, researching, advocating, funding, educating or setting policy to advance large landscape conservation initiatives. Large landscape conservation initiatives are those efforts which are focused on large areas of recognized conservation value, sensitivity and/or threat and require a broad-based, multi-jurisdictional, multi-sectoral, multi-purpose (economic, social and environmental) approach with specific, measurable conservation objectives.


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