Protect our mountains

Take Action to Protect Our Mountains!   Contact all El Paso City Elected Officials. Ask them to NOT sell YOUR land on our mountains for development. A public hearing on this topic will be held on Tue 29 May. PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND. Details to follow. More Mountain Land to be Lost to Development Scott Cutler, President … Continue reading Protect our mountains


Conservation in the Big Bend Border Region

by James Cash The Big Bend region of the Chihuahuan Desert is home to more than 3 million acres of protected lands that span the U.S. / Mexico border. Conservationists on both sides of the border work together to conserve and protect the region’s wildlife and wildlands through wildlife reintroductions, invasive species control, fire management, … Continue reading Conservation in the Big Bend Border Region

A National Palm Oil Scheme

A National Palm Oil Scheme Towards Landscape Conservationby Robert Hii Palm oil, the cursed fruit or blessed fruit depending on who you ask, epitomizes the global struggle to find a balance between development and conservation. Widely grown in the tropical countries of Malaysia and Indonesia, the crop has become synonymous with the disappearance of wildlife … Continue reading A National Palm Oil Scheme