Helping educate the Batwa in Rwanda

The school to untie Batwa indigenous people from the extreme poverty. Few educated people from Batwa people reveal importance of education to untie from the vicious circle of poverty. In his testimony, Richard Ntakirutimana, as only first and only Mutwa that holds Master’s degree in Rwanda among 40 Batwa graduated students, emphasizes the impact of … Continue reading Helping educate the Batwa in Rwanda


Tree of hopes

by Nestor Ramirez, Juarez, Mexico My name is Nestor Ramirez. I live in Juarez, Mexico where I studied to be an Industrial Engineer.  The community I live in is called Anapra, one of the poorest areas of the city.   You can see it in the distance from UTEP and Sunland Park, New Mexico. When I … Continue reading Tree of hopes