Helping educate the Batwa in Rwanda

The school to untie Batwa indigenous people from the extreme poverty. Few educated people from Batwa people reveal importance of education to untie from the vicious circle of poverty. In his testimony, Richard Ntakirutimana, as only first and only Mutwa that holds Master’s degree in Rwanda among 40 Batwa graduated students, emphasizes the impact of … Continue reading Helping educate the Batwa in Rwanda


Solar Cooker Workshop in Ghana

  by Paula Ann Winchester I left the USA the day after Thanksgiving and landed in Accra, Ghana, at 8 pm the next day.  As hundreds of folks mobbed the baggage conveyor belt, I anxiously waited for my 100# of solar cooker equipment in two suitcases.  I believe my two suitcases were the last two to … Continue reading Solar Cooker Workshop in Ghana