Vote “For” Proposition A on May 4

Vote “For” Proposition A on May 4 to Save Lost Dog Trails

One day a respected government official told me not to worry about protecting our natural environment in El Paso.  He said that when the day came that conditions were so bad there was no turning back, I would be dead.  I asked him if he was concerned about his children and grandchildren.  He told me that was not a problem for him, because they did not live in El Paso.

Another very powerful leader working at higher pay grade told me that his only concern about El Paso was economic development and infrastructure.   He said he took his children hiking, but protecting the environment was not his priority.

El Pasoans who care about our environment and protecting our beautiful mountains from uncontrolled development oppose special interest groups and others who care more about short term gains and very little about the world we pass on to future generations.   For years we have seen big money politics destroy so much of our natural heritage.  Now we have an opportunity to send a message to each and every person putting money over our quality of life.

Vote “FOR” Proposition A on May 4 to Save Lost Dog Trails


Information provided for this blog post came from various sources. The views expressed by those supporting this Proposition are solely their own.

“One Earth, One Time” hopes to inspire people to make a difference by encouraging individuals, organizations and businesses to support humanitarian and environmental efforts already in progress, help to improve ongoing endeavors by encouraging collaboration, and for the countless opportunities and doors yet to be opened, help to facilitate strategic planning for new programs.

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