Protect our mountains

Take Action to Protect Our Mountains!   Contact all El Paso City Elected Officials.
Ask them to NOT sell YOUR land on our mountains for development.

A public hearing on this topic will be held on Tue 29 May. PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND. Details to follow.

More Mountain Land to be Lost to Development

Scott Cutler, President of the Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition sent out a news alert this week that reads as follows:

On Tuesday, May 15th, City Council will be meeting to discuss the future of the Northwest Master Plan. It appears the Council plans to discuss setting up a Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone to help finance the sale of this publicly owned land for development.

The upshot is that the City will be taking your publically owned land, purchased in the 1950’s to protect our water resources and allow it to be built on. While this may generate tax revenue in the short run, it will not create a sustainable tax income without further development in the future to make up for tax shortfalls from the old development.

The Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition is working hard to not allow this to happen. There are other ways the land can, as open space, benefit the City without creating a tax burden for future generations.

Below are links to the pertinent agenda items on the May 15th regular city council meeting. There are also links to descriptions describing what a Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone is and how it has been used in other communities.

While it appears the public will not be allowed to speak at this meeting, we are encouraging anyone who can to show up and hear the discussion for yourself. We are also encouraging you to contact ALL City Representatives (not just your district) to let them know how you feel about this process.

Please help us protect what remains of our Franklin Mountains and its watershed.

Scott Cutler
Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition

New Microsoft Word Document

Agenda for Regular Council Meeting – May 15, 2018  HERE.

Agenda item 16.1 details  HERE.

Agenda item 16.2 details HERE.

Explanation about what a Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone
Bryan Texas:

General description by law firm:

Houston Texas:

Tax Code: Title 3, Subtitle B, Chapter 311: Tax Increment Financing Act
sec. 311.014 discusses payments from the Tax Increment Fund

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