Tree of hopes

Tree of Hopes 044

by Nestor Ramirez, Juarez, Mexico

My name is Nestor Ramirez. I live in Juarez, Mexico where I studied to be an Industrial Engineer.  The community I live in is called Anapra, one of the poorest areas of the city.   You can see it in the distance from UTEP and Sunland Park, New Mexico.

When I was a child I was jealous that my parents spent much of their time with other people feeding them, caring for them and helping them anyway they could.  One day I handed out apples and gave one to a child who said to me what is this? I said it’s an apple. You do not know what it is?   He said that his mom never bought these.  I thought it was a joke and told him to try it. The child bit the apple and said it’s very rich and sweet. My heart then became filled with sadness as I realized at that moment that I had been blessed with many things that other people did not have.  I was not paying attention to what my parents saw every day in their lives.  They saw the needs of other people. I only saw my needs and suddenly realized that giving to others and seeing the satisfaction in the faces of those who had so little, was so important to my life.

Tree of Hopes 053

Today I am working with my family and friends in creating a new organization called Tree of Hopes.   It is my dream that Tree of Hopes will help many people without hope experience a better life where they will receive and give love and extend their expectations.  Our world needs to see that there are many ways we all can come together to help someone who needs a home where they can spend pleasant moments with their family, without worries.

This is what motivates Tree of Hopes. I am not only the one who can make this happen; I need the help of others to make this dream a reality.  Working together united as fellow people on this earth we are strong because a single person could never do something like this.  But when many put their hearts together and decide that such a goal is achievable a hope begins to grow like a tree and the branches of the tree can help the hopes of many people who have so little. This is how hope dreams are born.

Tree of Hopes plans to build decent homes and provide food for low income families in Juarez who would never dream of owning their own home.  Today many families sleep in very poor conditions where water drips in from the rain and they have no windows.   Many families cover their primitive dwellings with sheets when winter arrives and freezing temperatures threaten every member of the family.

They live their lives in danger because of these conditions.  Tree of Hopes working with others plans to make a difference in helping these families.   A few years ago during a very strong winter storm it snowed so much making many houses look like freezers in the desert.   I met a family who lived in a school bus.  The roof was full of ice and it was colder inside the bus than outside. In the middle of the snowstorm my sister and I had to take them to a shelter so that they could be safe.  We ​​took them food and water, but still it was not enough.  A home protects the family and that’s what Tree of Hopes plans to do.  Hope is not just a house.  Hope is knowing that the family will be okay when the family can think of doing something else besides trying to survive, where the members of the family can share love with each other and dream of helping others themselves.  I believe that love surpasses all borders, languages, ​​colors and races.  I am planting the tree and need your help in making it grow.   Please contact me if you can help in any way by contacting my friend Rick LoBello. Many of you know him from his job at the El Paso Zoo.   He can be reached at 915-474-1456 by phone or text or by email at

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